Could a mentoring relationship help to further your career?

No matter how driven and determined an individual you might like to think you are, you won’t be able to conquer the world on your own: well, not at least until you’ve got your feet under the table. You may be full of the brightest and most innovative ideas, but you probably won’t necessarily have the skill and experience to put these grand schemes into place. For many starting out on a career path that can prove to be incredibly frustrating: they know they have the knowledge to succeed and make it to the very top of their profession, but they haven’t got the experience under their belts which will prove to those that matter that you really have what it takes. So, what can you do if you’re facing this particular problem? Well, probably the best thing you can do is to get yourself a career mentor. Professional mentors know exactly what you’re going through, having been there and done that themselves. They’ll understand your frustrations, and they’ll be able to apply their knowledge and experience to help you overcome these difficulties. The best part of all is that mentors will be able to share their wisdom, and help you avoid many of the problems and difficulties they themselves faced early in their careers. Yes you do learn from your own mistakes, but don’t have to follow this path. In a sense, mentors took the hit, so you won’t have to. Career mentors can help to turn hindsight into foresight.

How will a mentoring relationship help to further your career?

  • Mentors will be willing to share their wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise with you. They’ll be pillars of their own industry with a vast number of contacts. They will be open doors that might otherwise remain closed.
  • Mentors will help you develop a positive outlook on business life, and be able to help to use this positivity productively.
  • They will be genuinely concerned about you and your success, and use all their skills and experience to help you flourish.
  • Mentors will unquestionably be empathic, but they won’t be afraid to give you the occasional kick up the backside when circumstances merit it. Sometimes the short, sharp shock is exactly what’s needed.
  • Mentors have been in your position themselves. They’ve experienced the problems you’re likely to face but have overcome them through determination and drive. They’ll be respected in their industries for that. Mentees can gain great credibility through association.
  • Mentors never accept their lot. They keep growing themselves, and are for ever curious and inquisitive. They will pass on this thirst for knowledge to mentees.
  • Mentors will always give direct, constructive feedback. Yes, they will hold their mentees to high standards, but will always be quick to congratulate success.
  • Mentors will have always sought out and valued the opinions of other experts in their field. Whatever information they pass on to you will be accepted and trusted throughout the industry.

A good career mentor can make a huge difference to your career success. They can help you to achieve more sooner. It may be a cliché, but clichés are generally born out of truth. A good mentor:

Motivates you to accomplish more than you think you think you can
Expects the best from you
Never gives up on you or lets you give up on yourself
Tells you the truth – even when it hurts
Occasionally kicks you into action
Really cares about you and your success

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